What are the rules for linking objects between Niagara R2 Stations?


What are the rules for linking objects between Niagara R2 Stations?

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Niagara R2 stations


Additional information on linking rules to correctly linked objects between Niagara R2


The following are the Niagara R2 link rules for inter-station and external station links:

  1. Link as many inputs to a single output as needed (“one-to-many”).
  2. For any input property that is already linked, no further link to it is permitted unless the property is a priorityArray type or trigger type (or certain types of Lon properties). Only then is a “many-to-one” link allowed.
  3. External links (between stations) have further restrictions. The following types of external links are not permitted (nor are they shown in the Link Editor):
  • Links between prioritizedOutputs and priorityArray input properties.
  • Links between properties using triggerType data species.
  • Links from a GxText object to an internal property of another object (only inputs or outputs are available).