Points not reading in Xenta 555


Points not reading in Xenta 555

Product Line

Satchwell MicroNet


  • VisiSat 2.1 Build 148
  • Xenta 555


If the Xbuilder points have been exported from VisiSat 2.1 Build 148. The .s (dots) that should separate the table offsets ETC are replaced by _s (Underscores). The X555 does not understand these.

For example:
The value page shows a reading of 0, but no red cross ETC.



You need to install VisiSat 2.1 build 148 Service pack 1.

Service pack 1 is available from:

  1. https://ecobuilding.schneider-electric.com
  2. Click here to download it from here
  3. Or by emailing Product Support

Additional information can be found in TPA-LOND-08-0006.00 VisiSat 2.1  build 148