When upgrading a Niagara G3 ENC-410 / ENC-520 from 3.0.xxx to 3.3.xx, does the license file need to be upgraded too?


When upgrading a Niagara G3 ENC-410 / ENC-520 from 3.0.xxx to 3.3.xx, does the license file need to be upgraded too?

Product Line

TAC I/A Series


I/A Series G3 hardware

I/A Series G3 software


License compatibility question.


View the ENC license file. The first line indicates the version. If the license version="3.3", then the ENC upgrade can proceed without the need for upgrading the license.

If the license version is lower than 3.3, the license file must be upgraded. A license file change can only be done by the factory. Use part number IA-LIC-CHG to order it.

After upgrading the license, the licensed version and any previous version of the I/A Series G3 software can be installed and run in the ENC.