What version of Workplace Tech supports Microsoft Visio 2007?


What version of Workplace Tech supports Microsoft Visio 2007?

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TAC I/A Series


  • Workplace Tech
  • Microsoft Visio 2007


Need WorkPlace Tech to function with Microsoft Visio 2007


WorkPlace Tech 5.7 supports Microsoft Office Visio 2007, Service Pack 1, and Microsoft Vista Business, Ultimate and Enterprise. WorkPlace Tech 5.7 continues to support Microsoft Office Visio 2003, Service Pack 3, and Microsoft Windows XP, Service Pack 2.

Although this release may function with Microsoft Visio 2002, Service Pack 2, and Microsoft Windows 2000, Service Pack 4, this combination has not been tested, and will not be supported by Product Support Services.

For further information, review the "Release Notes / Getting Started" document for 5.7.