Issues associated with starting the Xenta 100 Plug-in


  • When trying to right click on the Xenta object in LonMaker to get the Plug-in option, it is not in the dropdown list.
  • Unable to open plug-in for Xenta 100 series devices

Product Line

TAC Vista


  • Xenta 100 Plug-in
  • LonMaker
  • NL220
  • Xenta 101-VF, Xenta 102-ES, Xenta 102-B, Xenta 102-VF, Xenta 102-EF, Xenta 103, Xenta 104-A, Xenta 110


If the option to launch a plug-in is not available, it may be because the plug-in is not installed and/or registered. 

Plug-ins for most Xenta 100 devices are accessed through the function block, right-clicking on the controller will not bring up the correct menu.

Most LON plug-ins are launched by right-clicking on the function block, not the controller.

 The exception to this rule is the Xenta 102-AX, which requires you to right-click on the controller.


  1. Ensure the correct version of the plug-in you are trying to launch is installed and registered.
  2. Navigate to LonMaker > Network Properties > Plug-in Registration > Already Registered. If not, Register.
  3. In general, Xenta ASCs require you to right-click on the function block and select Plug-Ins to launch the plug-in.

Note: It may be necessary to first add a function block in LonMaker, even if SNVT bindings are not required.