Unmap block xxx at remount message during boot of Xenta Server


During the boot sequence of a Xenta Server the message "Unmap block xxx at remount" occurs.

Product Line

TAC I/NET, TAC Vista, Satchwell MicroNet


Xenta 511

Xenta 527

Xenta 555

Xenta 701

Xenta 711

Xenta 721

Xenta 731

Xenta 913


Sections of the flash drive are being declared bad and are being removed from the accessible drive map. This can be a natural pruning process of bad sections due to drive damage or that section exceeding the maximum number of writes.

The amount of lost space is:

# of pages * 2 bytes

All hardware 2 Xenta Servers have 16mb flash drives, so it takes a large number of pages to be lost before significant space is lost and will impact performance of the unit.


If the number of pages is low and is not increasing then the unit should function normally without any additional action.

If the number of pages is exceeding 50000 or increasing rapidly, then have the Xenta Server repaired or replaced depending on its age.