10k Thermistor compatibility with Xenta controllers


Certain Xenta controllers and I/O modules can accept 10k thermistor temperature inputs.

Product Line

TAC Vista, SmartStruxure Solution


Xenta 102-AX

Xenta 420A, Xenta 450A


The Xenta 102-AX has always used 10k thermistors. Now some of the I/O modules and programmable controllers also have an option for 10k thermistor inputs. A common question is -- what type of 10k thermistors? Type 2? Type 3?


  1. The reason there is no reference to 10k Type 2 or 10k Type 3 is because these are Continuum-specific terms.
  2. The 10k thermistor that is compatible with Xenta 42XA and 45XA I/O modules are the same that I/NET uses.
  3. They are Vishay Dale Curve #1.
  4. View this PDF for the Resistance vs. Temperature Conversion Tables for this thermistor.