Subscribe to the Early Alert System (EAS), SMS Text Message to Cell/Mobile Phones


Many customers do not have the luxury of having email or internet access in the field, but they do have SMS ready phones. The EAS system allows our customers to receive those same product announcements via SMS that are usually sent as emails and web posting.

Product Line

TAC I/NET, TAC Vista, Andover Continuum, Satchwell MicroNet, Satchwell Sigma, TAC I/A Series, Field Devices, Other


Product Support


Subscribing to the early alert system allows you to immediately be notified via SMS of important product announcements, hotfix releases, and many other critical alerts.


Please click here for instructions and additional information regarding the service. Or please follow these steps:

  1. Send an email to with "EAS Subscription" in the subject line
  2. In the email body list the subscribers name, company information, and complete mobile phone number (including country code), and the product lines you would like to subscribe to. The product lines currently available for this service are:
    • Andover Continuum
    • Satchwell MicroNet
    • Satchwell Sigma
    • TAC Field Devices
    • TAC I/A Series
    • TAC I/Net
    • TAC Vista