Sigma client connection fails with the error No Seats Available


When the Sigma client attempts to connect to the Sigma server it fails and reports an error "No Seats Available".  What is the maximum number of clients that can be connected to a server?

Product Line

Satchwell Sigma


Sigma version 4

Client connections


Sigma server is not licensed for the attempted client connection


For a customers system check:

1.  The Sigma dongle is licensed for the number of clients to be connected.  From a working client see Help - About and the number of clients supported is shown in the brackets ().  The maximum allowed depends on the operating system where the OS itself limits the number of consecutive connections;

Windows 2003/Windows 2008 server:  Maximum client connections is 10

Windows XP/ Windows 7:  Maximum client connections is 5

2. Run the file C:\Sigma\bin\Setupsvr.exe and check that if a local client (on the same PC as the Sigma server) that "My Computer" is ticked or for a remote client (not the same as the server PC) that the "My Computer" is un-ticked and the correct Sigma server IP Address is entered.

3. Also in the Setupsvr.exe for a remote client check that the HTTP Server Port is set the same as the Sigma server (default = 8080)

4. Close down another client to free up a seat

5. Purchase more licensed clients (seats) using ZSO_CLIENT-x (where x is the number of additional clients - max 5 for Windows XP/7 server and max 10 for Windows 2003/2008 server).  Must add the Dongle number to order.   

For an engineers laptop (Local connection) running SigmaX check:

1. The SigmaX does run correctly, that is it has been unlocked with your latest code (which can be obtained here (If connecting from inside the SE network) or here (if outside the SE network). if you cannot get access then contact PSS London)

2. If the Ethernet connections have been enabled or disabled (i.e. laptop has been with IT or wireless switched off/on) then a new SigmaX code will most likely be required.

3. Run the file C:\Sigma\bin\Setupsvr.exe and check that "My Computer" is ticked.