DUI Expander Objects for BACnet Devices in WorkPlace Tech


Where are the DUI expander objects for the MNB-300 and MNB-1000 controllers in Workplace Tech?

Product Line

TAC I/A Series


I/A Series WorkPlace Tech version 5.1 and later


Not Applicable


The I/A Series BACnet controllers do not currently support the DUI object directly within the MNB-300 or MNB-1000. Until support is added, an application performing the same basic function was created and factory tested. This application was created as a custom object named "DUI_App".

Log into The Exchange Download Center and download the file Application Objects_rev1.zip. There is also a detailed DUI_Application_Documentation_rev1.pdf that describes the operation of the "DUI_App".

Note: VAV box controllers do not have DUI expander objects available.

See TB06-02 for additional details.