L-IP Firmware Upgrade.


Upgrading Loytec L-IP to the latest firmware or checking current firmware version.

Product Line

TAC Vista, Field Devices, Other


  • Loytec L-IP
  • Vista
  • Network Interface


UL 864 v.9 for Smoke Control requires at least version 5.04 firmware in all system L-IP's.


Verifying L-IP Firmware Version via Console Connection

To use the serial interface, the DB9 console connector of the L-IP can be connected to the RS-232 port of a PC. The L-IP-3ECTB and L-IP-33ECTB use a standard null-modem-cable must be used to connect the L-IP’s DB9console connector to the RS-232 port of the PC. The PC will communicate with the L-IP using a HyperTerminal program with the communication settings set to 38,400 bps / 8 data bits / no parity / 1 stop bit / no handshake.

The L-IP displays the console menu shown in Figure 1 upon a successful HyperTerminal connection initiated by a “enter” keystroke or power cycle of the L-IP:

LOYTEC electronics GmbH
L-IP Configuration Menu
[1] Show device information
[2] Serial firmware upgrade
[3] System configuration
[4] EIA-709 configuration
[5] IP configuration
[6] EIA-852 device configuration
[7] EIA-852 server configuration
[8] Reset configuration (factory defaults)
[9] Device statistics
[0] Reset device Please choose:

Figure 1: L-IP main menu.

Select Option 1 to Show device information  This menu item shows information about the L-IP and the current firmware version. The output should look like what is shown in Figure 2.

Product information
Product code: L-IP-3ECT
Firmware: L-IP
Primary image Version: 5.0.5
Build date: Fri Mar 18 10:41:29 2005
Serial number: 002304-80000000E73C
Free memory: 557K,57K
System temp: 33.3C
Supply volt: 12.0V
Unique Node IDs
Port 1: 80 00 00 00 E7 3C
EIA852: 80 00 00 00 F7 92

Figure 2: Device information.

(For UL 864 v9: If the Firmware Version does not reflect a Version 5.0.4 or Version 5.0.5, you must update the firmware to an approved version in the next steps. If the L-IP contains an approved version, further action is not required.)

L-IP Firmware Upgrade

  1. To download the firmware via the console connected the L-IP to the RS-232 port of a PC via its console interface as outlined above.
  2. Download the lswitch_lipxxx.zip located at www.loytec.com to the PC.
  3. Install the LOYTEC serial upgrade tool (LSU Tool) by double clicking LSU_2_0_1setup.exe.
  4. Double click on the lswitch_lip_xxx.dlc file. This will start the LSU Tool and load the firmware image referenced in the . lswitch_lip_xxx.dlc file. The start window of the LSU tool is shown in Figure 3.

*note that the lswitch_lip_xxx.dlc file and the lswitch_lip_xxx.dl file must be stored in the same folder.

Figure 3: LSU Serial Upgrade Tool in idle mode.

  1. If the L-IP is not connected to COM1 you can change the port to COM1, 2, 3, or 4. Press “Download” to start the download. A progress bar as shown in Figure 4 can be seen.

Figure 4: Progress bar during firmware download.

  1. If the upgrade is successful the following window appears (Figure 5).

Figure 5: Successful firmware upgrade.

  1. Exit the LSU Tool. Reconnect through HyperTerminal connection and  initiate the console by a “enter” keystroke or power cycle of the L-IP. At the console main menu, select option [1] Show device information, and press Enter. This will bring up the current device information as shown in Figure 2, for verification that the firmware version has updated successfully.