How can the IP address of an MNB-1000 be located in a Niagara R2 station?


What is a quick way to determine the IP address of a MNB-1000 that is integrated to a Niagara R2 station?  Assume only Workplace Pro is available (Workplace Commissioning Tool is not available).

Product Line

TAC I/A Series



Niagara R2 UNC-410 and UNC-520




The IP address is stored in hexa-decimal format within the properties of the controller's shadow object.  A unit-conversion calculator is required to determine the IP address in decimal format (the Windows calculator can do this task).

To find the IP address,

  1. Locate the shadow object of the MNB-1000
  2. Go to its Properties, Config tab
  3. Record the first 8 digits of the hexa-decimal number displayed at the "address - MAC Address" parameter.  The last four digits are the UDP Port number and are not part of the IP address
  4. Convert to decimal




C0 = 192,  A8 = 168, 01 = 1, 96 = 150
BA:C0 = 47808 (UDP Port Number)

MNB-1000 IP address is