What is the difference between 1st and 2nd Generation X Drivers


Some X Drivers on the Third Party Interface datasheet are classed as 1st Generation and others are 2nd Generation, which drivers should I use?

Product Line

Andover Continuum


All X Drivers

Any controller with XDrivers enabled on a Comm port.


Sometimes the incorrect file is being used on a controller and this will stop the X Driver from working correctly.


You can only use a 1st Generation X Driver on a 1st Generation controller and a 2nd Generation X Driver on a 2nd generation controller.

- 1st Generation controllers are: CX9200, CX9400, CX9900, CX9940, CMX9924

- 2nd Generation controllers are: Netcontroller II (CX9680), bCX1 (4040 or 9640), ACX II (5740, 5720)


Download the Third Party Interface datasheet

Note: Not all X Drivers are available for both generations of controllers, consult the above datasheet for availability.