MicroNet View's Monitor Tool dongleless software download location


Software download location.

Where can I download "MicroNet View's Monitor Tool" dongleless software as advised in:
PA-00145 - Satchwell MicroNet Range Rationalisation

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The MicroNet View dongleless Monitor Tool, software can no longer be ordered, it is available as a free download.


Download the software from the Schneider Electric Buildings Business Extranet
You will need to have a user name and password to access the BBE site.
Once logged into the BBE site navigate through to the software via: -
Products > Satchwell > MicroNet > Downloads > Upgrades
Click here to be linked to the Monitor tool. (This link will open a new page)
Click here to be linked to the SNP I/O server. (This link will open a new page)
Click here to be linked to the NCP/ARCnet I/O server. (This link will open a new page).
Click here  to be linked to the USB dongle driver for MicroNet View, that may be required with faster PC's (This link will open a new page).



If you do not have access to the BBE site you can download the files directly below: -

Click here to be linked to the Monitor tool terms and conditions where you will find the link to the software.


Satchwell MicroNet MNMonitor TC


IMPORTANT! Please read this document carefully before downloading the attached Extractable File.
Computer Program License Agreement For: Satchwell MicroNet View Monitor Tool
This computer License agreement (”the agreement”) is a legally binding agreement between:
Schneider Electric located at Fabriksvägen 1, SE-137 37, Västerhaninge, Sweden (”Schneider Electric”) and You, the end user (”the Licensee”)
Warning! Please take note that by downloading this extractable file (”Satchwell MicroNet MNMonitor 3_38”) of computer programs (”the Software”) contained in the extractable file (”the Software Files”), the Licensee is deemed to have accepted Schneider Electric’s License as outlined in this document.
Once the Licensee has opened the extractable file, the Licensee has accepted this License. This License is made between Schneider Electric and the Licensee. This License is a legally binding agreement and the Licensee is bound to adhere to the provisions stated below. If the Licensee does not agree to adhere to the provisions stated below, the Licensee must not open the extractable file, and should instead delete the extractable file containing the Software and the associated manuals (”the Manuals”) immediately.
In accordance with the above, the Licensee and Schneider Electric agree as follows:

1.  Schneider Electric owns and controls all intellectual property rights (”the IPR”) pertaining to the Software and the Manuals and as such it is agreed that the IPR shall at all times remain vested in Schneider Electric.

2.  Subject to the Licensee’s agreement to abide by the provisions contained in the License, Schneider Electric grants the Licensee the non-exclusive right to install the Software Files on a single computer terminal and to use the Software (unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing by Schneider Electric) for the specific purpose of processing the Licensee’s data.

3.  The Software, the Software Files and the Manuals are protected by copyright. Under this License, the Licensee is only permitted to make two backup copies of the Software for security purposes (unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing by Schneider Electric). Any such copies made must contain Schneider Electric’s copyright notice and must remain in the Licensee’s secure possession at all times. Any abuse of this provision will be deemed to be a direct infringement of copyright and this License will be terminated immediately. In such an event the provisions of clause 8 below shall apply.

4.  The Licensee acknowledges that the Software Files, the Software and the Manuals contain Schneider Electric’s valuable proprietary information and/or trade secrets and as such they undertake to treat them as strictly confidential and to restrict access to them on a need to know basis.

5.  The Licensee is not permitted to alter, adapt, modify, disassemble or create similar versions of the Software, and/or the Manuals without prior written consent of Schneider Electric.

6.  This License is made specifically between the Licensee and Schneider Electric. The rights contained in this License may be transferred to a third party (”the Third Party”) provided always that any such Third Party shall be bound by the same provisions contained in this License.

7.  This License shall commence upon the downloading of the extractable file and will continue without limit of time save that in the event of the Licensee being in breach of any of the provisions contained in this License Schneider Electric shall have the absolute right to terminate the License forthwith.

8.  Once terminated, it is a provision of this License that the Licensee return the Software Files and the Manuals to their Supply Source or the Authorised Distributor immediately or, where instructed in writing by Schneider Electric or their Authorised Distributor, to destroy the Software Files, and the Manuals, including copies made. Upon termination of this License it is agreed and understood that the Licensee’s rights herein cease forthwith.

9.  This License grants no warranties nor admits any conditions either express or implied as to the satisfactory quality of the Software Files, the Software, and the Manuals or their fitness for any particular purpose.

10.  Schneider Electric shall in no event be liable for lost data, lost profits or contracts or other special, direct, indirect or consequential losses/damages howsoever arising (including negligence) out of the use of the Software Files, the Software and/or the Manuals even if Schneider Electric has been advised or would otherwise recognise the possibility of such losses/damages.

11.  For the avoidance of any doubt the Licensee agrees that they have read this License and agree to be bound by its provisions. It is also understood and agreed that this License is the only agreement made between Schneider Electric and the Licensee with regards to the Software Files, the Software and the Manuals and unless otherwise agreed and evidenced in writing by Schneider Electric it overrides and supersedes any oral or other written proposals made by the Licensee by Schneider Electric and/or the Authorised Distributor or Supply Source.

12.  This License shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of Sweden and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Sweden.

1 The Software may remain on and only be used in conjunction with MicroNet View software.
2 The software includes functionality, which permits “referencing” of remote tags. The maximum number of remote tags you may use is limited to the number of local tags licensed for that specific Satchwell MicroNet View system.

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