I/A Series R2 Enterprise Server / Workplace Pro fails to start and generates the following error: This product requires a valid license. Missing license file: /nre/lib/license.properties


The following error message is seen when attempting to launch the I/A Series R2 WorkPlace Pro or Enterprise Server : "This product requires a valid license. Missing license file: /nre/lib/license.properties."

Product Line

TAC I/A Series


I/A Series R2 (all versions), Enterprise Server, WorkPlace Pro


The computer has file extensions hidden, causing the license.properties file to actually be named license.properties.properties.


  1. Use the Windows Explorer to navigate to the directory that contains the license.properties file (typically \niagara\r2.301.xxx\nre\lib).
  2. If running Windows 7,  select Organize then Layout and check "Menu Bar" to enable the Windows Explorer menu bar.  This menu bar is the same as the Windows Explorer menu bar found in earlier versions of Windows.
  3. Select menu item Tools - Folder Options ... 
  4. Select the View tab and locate the checkbox for "Hide extensions for known file types."
  5. Uncheck the checkbox and select OK.
  6. Rename the file to license.properties and save.