Which software is available to replace VisiView?


A replacement for VisiView is required.

Product Line

Satchwell MicroNet, Other





The VisiView software is now obsolete.


VisiView can be replaced using a SmartStruxure Automation Server or TAC Xenta 555 Web server.

Both the SmartStruxure Automation Server and the Xenta 555 provide web interfaces so that the customer can view their HVAC equipment graphically using an appropriate Web browser.

Both the SmartStruxure Automation Server and TAC Xenta 555 Web server communicates with either IAC or Micronet controllers.

Further information on the Micronet Transition to SmartStruxure can be found in PA-00228

The Xenta 555 is programmed using TAC Xbuilder, which allows data to be presented in a graphical format.

Further information on the Xenta 555 can be found here.