Can a computer installed with Workplace Tech 5.7.7 be re-installed with 5.7.6?


What issues, if any, are there to replacing Workplace Tech 5.7.7 with 5.7.6 on a Windows XP computer?

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TAC I/A Series


Workplace Tech 5.7.7 and 5.7.6




Workplace Tech version 5.7.7 comes with new firmware for the MNB-1000.  It is better to use version 5.7.7 with any MNB-1000 controllers installed with the new firmware.  This is especially true on job sites adhering to GSA guidelines.

If the computer is only used with MNB-1000 controllers running previous firmware releases, then re-installing version 5.7.6 won't create any issues.

Review the release notes below for more details.

Release Notes - WorkPlace Tech 5.7.7