Windows 7 User Account Control Settings


The following issues have been found to occur due to the Windows 7 User Account Control Settings:

  • When starting I/NET receive an error message indicating "This is an unregistered version of I/NET.  Please contact TAC to register this copy of I/Net."
  • DBCreate does not accept Windows Authentication login.  Only allows access to DBCreate using the SQL Server authentication login option.

Product Line



I/NET Seven 2.4x

Windows 7 (32-bit)


The User Account Control Settings appears to block access to these files required by the I/NET applications.


Set the User Account Control Settings to the "Never notify".

  1. Go to Windows 7 Start Icon
  2. In the Search prompt type in User Account - Select the option "Change User Account Control settings" from the Control Panel options shown below:
  3. The default setting is shown.
  4. Change this setting to Never notify
  5. You will be presented with following confirmation - Select Yes
  6. Restart your PC
  7. In some cases you may also need to re-install I/NET (repair).

This setting is only required to be done once for all users on the PC.