Alarm text is not reflecting changes when using a Xenta Server


Modifying alarm tripped text and reset alarm text on a Xenta programmable controller under a Xenta Server is not reflecting these changes.

Product Line

TAC Vista, Satchwell MicroNet


Vista 5.x.x/4.5.0

Xbuilder 5.x.x/4.5.0


When the Xenta programmable controller is added to the LonWorks network under a Xenta Server an alarm object is created in Xbuilder with the Tripped Alarm Text and Reset Alarm Text from the MTA file.

Updates to the MTA file or alarm object in Vista server does not update the Xbuilder project.


Edit the Xenta Server object and modify the Tripped Alarm Text and Reset Alarm Text for the in the Alarms folder under the programmable controller in the Network pane of Xbuilder.