The content of XBuilder is not correct due to mismatch of the XBuilder version


When importing an old database into a new version of Vista, right click on a Xenta Server and select "Edit" to open the Xbuilder project. (Change the version information in the property of Xenta Server. Refer to Lessons Learned Article #2513.) The old XBuilder project will automatically be upgraded to match the new version of XBuilder. However, the content of the project sometimes will be incorrect after this conversion.

Product Line

TAC Vista


  • Vista Workstation
  • XBuilder


The XBuilder version of old the database does not match the one of the new database.


  1. Install the old version of XBuilder.
    • One PC can install several different versions of XBuilder. The standalone XBuilder installation file can be found on the Buildings Business Extranet under "Engineering Tools"
  2. Keep the Vista Server and Workstation etc. at the newer version.