Setting up an Automatic Pop-up Duress Alarm (Panic) Button with Sound


Is there is an application which will display the duress (panic) button alarm to the operator, when pushed, along with sound.

Product Line



I/NET Seven

Automatic Page Display, Event Definitions & Sequences, User Defined Button 


Sample application / guide to program duress alarms in I/NET.


I/NET provides various functions that allow it to provide a pop-up duress alarm, one feature is to use one (or many) graphic page(s) which automatically appear (pop-up) on activation of an alarm. Along with this, it is also possible to generate a sound either PC based or, the more preferred option, to an externally wired Buzzer / Siren at the same time. 

The attached document shows a few steps as guide to make a start on your own application using the following features:

  • Automatic Page Display
  • AMT Audible Alarm
  • Event Definition / Sequences
  • User Defined Tools and Buttons

If you are not familiar with these items you should refer to the TCON documents mentioned in the attachment.