What keypads work with ACX781 controllers?


What keypads work with ACX781 controllers?

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Require a keypad interface for ACX781 but do not know what to use.


The ACX781 has only ever supported the "3x4" matrix dry contact keypads. The circuitry on this discontinued controller is unable to support a wiegand keypad (widely available) of any kind and will not work with a voltage matrix such as the "2 of 7" keypads (this reference in the ACX781 cutsheet is wrong).

The only solution is to use a keypad that supports the "3x4" matrix such as the Essex Keypad or HID model (5355AGS00).

If wanting to use wiegand keypads only that do not support the "3x4" matrix then the only solution is to use a controller that does support a wiegand keypad - a new ACX57xx, CX9900 + AC1, or CX9680 + AC1.