Can a Niagara G3 Soft Jace be licensed for BACnet/MSTP?


After testing a Niagara G3 Soft Jace using a USB adapter and connecting a BACnet/MSTP trunk of controllers, a customer would like to install the same configuration on a jobsite.  The test involved using a TIP license which contains all features/drivers but is not intended for use on actual jobsites.

Can the customer purchase a Soft Jace and have it properly licensed for a BACnet/MSTP integration?

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TAC I/A Series


Niagara G3 soft jace


A successful BACnet/MSTP integration to a Niagara G3 soft jace on a testbench.  Can this configuration be supported on a jobsite?


Tridium will only allow a Niagara G3 soft jace to be licensed for BACnet/IP.