The Host Mask NP Routers Advanced IP and CCTV buttons are grayed out in I/O Server Editor


The "Host Mask" "NP Routers" "Advanced IP" and "CCTV" Buttons are grayed out in I/O Server Editor

Product Line



  • I/NET Seven rev 2.40 and 2.40A through current release
  • Windows 7 32-bit


Issue 1. There is an issue in Windows 7 and running I/NET Seven 2.40 or 2.40A in the Service Mode. Please note this is unique to Windows 7 Only. This does not occur in Windows XP Pro.

Issue 2. When editing the Configuration Profile, "Host Mask" "NP Routers" "Advanced IP" and "CCTV"  are not available


Issue 1. There are two solutions to this issue:

  1. Leave the site at I/NET Seven rev 2.40 or 2.40A and change the operation from Service Mode back to Application Mode.
  2. Upgrade the site to I/NET Seven rev 2.41. With this load the operation can return to Service Mode.

Issue 2. When I/NET I/O server is not running, or you select Start/Programs/I/NET/Configuration Profile the conguration profile is like the screen shot below. 

Starting I/NET starts the I/O Server which is visible on the tool bar by the clock. Right clicking offers the below menu:

Select Configure from this menu and modify the active profile enables the Host Masking, NPR Routers, Advanved IP, and CCTV.