Can’t see a remote site’s BACnet/IP network while connected over a VPN connection.


Connected to a remote site network via WorkPlace Tech and a VPN connection, but unable to see the site’s BACnet devices. No MNB-1000s, or any BACnet devices, are found in Workplace Tech or the Commissioning Tool.

Product Line

TAC I/A Series


WorkPlace Tech (all versions)


The VPN does put the connecting WorkPlace Tech PC on the site’s network, but the BACnet/IP (MNB-1000) devices were on a different subnet then the subnet assigned to WorkPlace Tech PC.


When BACnet/IP devices are on different subnets, BBMD must be used in order for the BACnet/IP devices to communicate between the different subnets. Only one BACnet/IP device can be enabled per subnet.

Setup the MNB-1000 as a BBMD device using the Commissioning Tool

  1. Open Device Properties of the MNB-1000 controller and select the IP tab.
  2. For Device Type select BBMD and save change.


Setup WorkPlace Tech to connect to the BBMD device

  1. Select Tool from the WPT
  2. Select Configure Communication…
  3. Select BACnet and click on Change
  4. Select IP and click next
  5. Select Access a remote internetwork.
  6. For Host BBMD Address, enter the IP address of the MNB-1000 which was setup as a BBMD device. Click the Finish button to save changes.

You should now be able to see and connect to the BACnet devices using WorkPlace Tech