Fields are grayed out in object's editor and there is an asterisk between the class name and the object name.


Unable to edit an object because fields are grayed out.

Product Line

Andover Continuum




Object is edit locked.

When an object is opened for edit the object is locked in order to give the process editing the object exclusive access to it. If an object editor shows an asterisk next to the name it indicates that the object is current under editing by another process.


  1. Wait for the process that has a lock on the object to complete.
  2. If the object is locked because of an unexpected Continuum shutdown while the object was under edit follow these steps to unlock it:
    1. In the Continuum Explorer right click the object's name and select properties.
    2. In the Current Status tab, click on the 'Force Object to Unlocked' button.
    3. Click OK to exit.