XIF files for the standard MNL controllers


XIF files for the standard MNL controllers are available on The Exchange Download Center.  Please do not use with SmartStruxure.  See Lessons Learned article# 16125 

Product Line

TAC I/A Series


I/A Series standard (fixed profile) controllers:
MNLRF2 - Fan Coil profile
MNLRH2 - Heat Pump profile
MNLRR2 - Rooftop profile
MNLRS1 - Satellite 1 / Rooftop profile
MNLRS2 - Satellite 2 / Rooftop profile
MNLRV2 - VAV profile
MNLRF103 - Fan Coil profile
MNLRH103 - Heat Pump profile
MNLRR103 - Rooftop profile
MNOTPVA3 - VAV profile

MNLRF3 - Fan Coil profile
MNLRH3 - Heat Pump profile
MNLRR3 - Rooftop profile
MNLRS3 - Satellite 3 / Rooftop profile (revised previous Satellite 1)
MNLRS4 - Satellite 4 / Rooftop profile (revised previous Satellite 2)
MNLRV3 - VAV profile


XIF files are available if needed.


Download the file TAC_LLC.zip from The Exchange Download Center. Also see the accompanying Readme file.