'Make Active' button grayed out in I/NET Configuration Profiles editor


'Make Active' button grayed out in I/NET Configuration Profile

Can not change my active I/NET (configuration) profile.

Product Line



I/NET Seven 2.40 and above


The INetIoSrv.exe application must be shutdown before you can make any other configuration profile active.  This change was made in I/NET Seven version 2.40 and above.


To enable this button the INetIoSrv.exe (IO Server) application must be shutdown.  

  • Ensure I/NET, AMT and the IO Server are not running
  • Start 'I/NET Configuration Profiles' editor
  • Select desired profile and select Make Active

If I/NET has every been running as a service on the PC, you will need to verify that the service is not running. You may need to re-register and stop the service.