Getting completion event failure when doing a commission and download to a Xenta server running as a Lon device in Vista.


Getting "completion event failure" when doing a commission and download to a Xenta server running as a Lon device in Vista.

Product Line

TAC Vista


  • Vista 5.1.6
  • Xenta server 5.1.6


If the Xenta 913 have the same IP address(which can happen if it is used as a Xenta server with lon units under it before the Vista will set subnet/node to either 1/126 or 1/127 ) as the lon network typically 1/126 or 1/127 you need to change it using for example Lonmaker. It is not possible with Vista or webpage in Xenta server.

You can check the subnet/node in the webpage for the Xenta server under Utilities-Lonworks-domain table.


Change the subnet/node either for the lon network in Vista or for the Xenta server