USB converters used with computer and interfaced equipment


My computer has USB ports, but it does not have serial or com ports. Can I use USB ports?

Product Line

TAC I/NET, TAC Vista, Andover Continuum, Satchwell MicroNet, Satchwell Sigma, TAC I/A Series, Field Devices, Other, Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


For I/NET, Host computer that either Direct Connects (cable 072) or you need to connect to a controller such as a 7798C (cable 082)

Continuum, Vista, Sigma, I/A Series, Pelco, DVR, DS, Com Port, Com, PTZ Control, Serial Port, Comm, Comm Port


USB to Com has issues downloading or communicating with system.


The generic drivers which came with your USB to Com adapter do not allow two-way communication. 

Prolific driver often helps resolve this issue. Download driver HERE or for the latest driver use link below:    you will need to logon as GUEST