Where is SQL Service Manager in SQL 2005 and SQL 2008?


Setting up a single user (SQLExpress 2005) v1.93 CyberStation and the SQL Service Manager is not popping up like it should (on the Windows taskbar).

Product Line

Andover Continuum


Standalone CyberStation

SQLExpress 2005


Previous versions of CyberStation had a SQL Service Manager application in the Windows taskbar. When installing a standalone v1.93 CyberStation this application is not there.


SQLExpress 2005 does not install that application. This application is not required to run CyberStation.  If for some reason there is a need to stop SQL Server there is a workaround. Go to Control Panel>>Administrative Tools>>Services. Then scroll down to SQL Server (SQLExpress). You can stop SQLExpress by right-clicking it.

There is also at least one non-Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008 Service Manager applications written. It can be downloaded at  http://www.sqldbatips.com/showarticle.asp?ID=46. This is given here for your convenience only - it is not supported or endorsed by Schneider Electric Product Support Services.