Connecting a TS-58011-774 Platinum RTD Sensor to a DMS Microsmart MSC-MPC controller.


A TS-58011-774 Platinum RTD sensor is wired to a DMS Microsmart MSC-MPC controller.

What is the maximum and minimum offset value considered acceptable for the sensor to operate accurately?
Can the maximum wire length exceed 200 feet?

Product Line

TAC I/A Series


DMS Microsmart controllers


A large offset of almost 6 degrees must be used to make the reading accurate with a handheld temperature calibration device.


There is no maximum and minimum offset value.  However, the length of wire used should not exceed 200 feet.  The recommended wire type is Belden #9501 (AWG24).  If these two wiring requirements are met, then the offset value used will not be "large".

Below is a link to the sensor's installation guide.  Review "Software Setup" starting on page 3 to understand how to calculate the amount of error introduced to the temperature reading by the installed wire.  Use the temperature/resistance table on page 5 to verify that the sensor is accurate then use an appropriate offset value to eliminate the error introduced by the sensor wire.

If necessary, use SOCALC on page 4 to develop custom SCALE and OFSET values.

F-24874 TS-58000 Series Platinum RTD Room Sensor Installation Guidelines