How to you setup a Slave Server to see only the alarms that are on the local network.


When multiple Vista servers are networked up each Vista server displays all of the alarms.

Product Line

TAC Vista


Vista 5 and greater


Each Vista server is setup to look and synchronies to the Master Servers alarms by default.


In each node object there is a option to send and receive alarms.

Here are the steps to stop a slave server receiving alarms from the master.

  1. From the Master Server locate the slave node that the alarms are to be local only. The slaves node name will look like this format.   $lan."servername"
  2. Right click on that slave node and select properties.
  3. Uncheck the receive alarm option and select OK.

This stops that slave receiving alarms form that server. The send alarm option can be used in a similar way to stop alarms being sent to the master if required.