How to create a custom lon shadow object in a Niagara G3 station using the Lon Xml Tool.


Working with a 3rd-party lon controller with no existing shadow object available.  Niagara G3 provides the ability to create a shadow object on the jobsite using the Lon Xml Tool.

Product Line

TAC I/A Series


Niagara G3


A shadow object is not available for a specific 3rd-party controller and a dynamic device fails to interface properly. 


The Lon Xml Tool provides the ability to create a Lon Xml file (.lnml) file for a device, using the source .xif file and (if necessary) other resource files, as made available from the device's manufacturer. 

Review Appendix A of the Lonworks Integration Guide for Niagara G3.  The Lon Xml Tool is described starting on page A-1. 

This section describes the need for custom Lon Xml files as well as an overview of the process and the steps to create one.