Resetting default values in an I/O Module


Default values are desired in an I/O Module.

Product Line

TAC Vista


Xenta I/O Modules


Default values have been modified in an I/O Module.


If you press the Service Pin for seven seconds during the first minute following a restart, the parameters of the module will automatically be reset to the factory default settings. A restart occurs following power on.

The green LED on the front will light continuously during activation (about 7 seconds) and when the reset is completed, it will flash rapidly (off-line indication).

  • The parameters of the I/O module are now reset:
  • Domain table index 0: ID len = 1, ID = 11hex, Subnet = 1, Node = 1 and Clone Domain = 0 (internal parameter making the unit silent, until its correct address has been set by the system).
  • Domain table index 1: Unused.
  • Address table index 0: Domain = 0, Node = 0, Rpt Tmr = 16, Retries = 0, Rcv Tmr = 128, Tx Tmr = 16, Subnet = 0.
  • Address table index 1: Unused.
  • Non_Group_Receive_Timer = 768 ms.
  • Node Mode: Unconfig.
  • Network Management Authentication = Off
  • Pre-emption Timeout = Forever
  • The inputs will be configured as voltage inputs.