In TreeTech, can a LCM be uploaded and downloaded?


In TreeTech, can a LCM be uploaded and downloaded?

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On a jobsite with a Network 8000 installation dating back to the 1990s and trying to do database backups.


A networked LCM can be uploaded / downloaded, with TreeTech, via a serial connection to the GCM to which it is wired. 
In situations where the GCM is not easily accessible (i.e. in a locked room), a serial connection to any one of the networked LCMs will provide access to the entire network as if it was the GCM.  Uploads/downloads of any networked LCM can be done via this serial connection too.

A standalone LCM can be uploaded / downloaded, with TreeTech, using a direct serial connection.  Due to limitations in TreeTech, the standalone LCM must be configured as network 1 and address 1.