Open BCX1 from BACnet side result in error reading database table


Open BCX1 from BACnet side result in "error reading database table", and can not delete BCX1 from BACnet side

Product Line

Andover Continuum


  • Windows XP
  • Continuum 1.93


May be caused by some errors with Device data table in SQL server.


  1. Select "BACnet Devices," right click and then select "delete." Delete the whole folder.
  2. Exit Continuum
  3. Run Continuum analyzer report
  4. Start Continuum, you will find "BACnet  Devices" folder comes in again
  5. Right click Root and select " Find New BACnet Device"
  6. When you see BCX1 comes in again, select it and do "send to database"
  7. Open BCX1 from the BACnet side and no error prompted.