Error when viewing Graphic panel in Pinpoint. Pinpoint: Failed to call pILiveData->GetLiveData(). ACDataServices has an error.


General Continuum instability followed by the following error when viewing Graphic panels.

"Pinpoint: Failed to call pILiveData->GetLiveData(). ACDataServices has an error."

Product Line

Andover Continuum


Continuum Cyberstation


Continuum has become unstable due to modules not starting up properly. This can be evidenced by looking at the Windows Application Event Logs for "Send Email" errors when alarms occur. This may then be followed by Continuum applications starting to crash and post errors.


1. Remove the "email" and "page" entries in Event Notifications if there has not been an Email client installed and configured to email alarms.


Other things that could help correct this issue: 

2. Set Windows virtual memory settings to 4096

3. Make sure that time is synched between Cyber and CX

4. In Continuum General preferences set the Time Interval Between Requests to 100, default 30

5. Set COV increment for non critical points to non-zero numbers, default is 0

6. Upgrade to 1.94 SP1