What is Xenta 28x, 30x, 401 web and Xenta 28x, 30x, 401 TCP/IP


  • What is Xenta 28x, 30x, 401 web and Xenta 28x, 30x, 401 TCP/IP
  • Is there any documentation for  28x, 30x, 401 web and Xenta 28x,30x, 401  TCP/IP

Product Line

TAC Vista


Xenta 281 Web

Xenta 282 Web

Xenta 301 Web

Xenta 302 Web

Xenta 401 Web

Xenta 281 TCP/IP

Xenta 282 TCP/IP

Xenta 301 TCP/IP

Xenta 302 TCP/IP

Xenta 401 TCP/IP


These are not products they are packages.


The Xenta 280, 30x, 401  web and TCP/IP are not a controller type. It is just a packaging.

The 280, 30x, 401  TCP/IP is sold with a Xenta 911 and the Xenta 280,30x, 401  Web are sold with a Xenta 511.

So the documentation for "normal" Xenta 280 and Xenta 911/511 is used. This can be found on the Buildings Business Extranet.