MicroNet - Replacing the Rainbow parallel dongle with an USB type.


Replacing the Rainbow parallel dongle with an USB type.

Product Line

Satchwell MicroNet


  • Dongle
  • Parallel
  • USB


The majority of PC's are no longer supplied with parallel ports.


MicroNet View's software effective end of support date was 30th June 2014

The service PSS have provided in the past, to upgrade a MicroNet View parallel port dongle to a USB type, is no longer available.

Click here to view PA 00298 Software Support Policy - Supplementary info for Satchwell MicroNet

The monitor tool and I/O server software, that no longer require a dongle, are available as a free of charge downloads, for access to the downloads, please see Lessons Learned Article #5209.

For further general information, please see Lessons Learned Article #5210.