Remote Alarm Manager 2.0 - Alarms from Sigma 4.05 SEB are not seen.


After upgrading Sigma to 4.05 SEB, and RAM 1.2 to version 2.0, the Sigma interface no longer gets alarms from Sigma.

Product Line

Satchwell Sigma


RAM 2.0

Remote Alarm Manager 2.0

Sigma 4.05 SEB



Incorrect DLL file is being used.


When the Remote Alarm Manager is used with Sigma 4.05 SEB, a DLL needs to be replaced.

For a copy of the SigInterfaceRAM.dll click HERE.

How to install the DLL.

  • Stop the services for RAM 2.0 and Sigma.
  • Locate the DLL of the same name in the Sigma/Bin folder and rename it OldSigInterfaceRAM.dll
  • Copy SigInterfaceRAM.dll to the Sigma/Bin folder.
  • Start the services for RAM 2.0 and Sigma, then start the Sigma client.