The message WARNING: past fox.maxServerSessions limit: 100 is displayed in the Application Director of a Niagara G3 station.


The message:
WARNING: past fox.maxServerSessions limit: 100”
WARNING [10:11:17 18-Jan-12 EST][fox] Closing session [1713201: Server doesn't match opened session [null].

How can the Max Server Session count be increased?

Product Line

TAC I/A Series


Niagara G3, ENC-410, ENC-520, ENS


The Max Server Connection property limits the number of server connections that are allowed on the local station. When the maximum number of connections is reached, any successive attempts to logon to the station will fail. The default setting is 100 sessions.


  1. Right-click NiagaraNetwork of the local station and select Views and Property Sheet.
  2. Expand Fox Service.
  3. Increase Max Server Sessions count.
  4. Click the Save button to save change.