Why does Change Inherited Attribute? dialog box with Cancel, Change the value, Break the connection, Change the data source selections pop up?


When changing attached Template of a Personnel object from one Template to another Template, why does " Change Inherited Attribute ? " dialog box with " Cancel " , " Change the value " , " Break the connection " , " Change the data source " selections pop up?

Product Line

Andover Continuum


Continuum Access / Security system with personnel template objects.


It happens only when below two conditions are met :

  1. When you change the personnel object's attached Template object to a different Template object.  
  2. When the old Template's RefTemplate attribute value is "InheritFromTemplate" and the new Template's RefTemplate  attribute value is "CopyFrom Template".


Change the value of RefTemplate attribute of the attached Template from "InheritFromTemplate" to "CopyFrom Template".