AS CPU usage goes between 80-100%


AS CPU usage goes between 80-100% 

Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution


AS Automation Server


The CPU usage goes between 80-100% even with few programs, trends and alarms


Cause 1: BACnet into AS uses a lot of resources

Cause 2: The AS has bindings from a point to a variety of places


Also check out the AS CPU and Memory Loading Quick-Help video on the Exchange.


Example Resolutions in order:

  1. The issue described is Functions as Design in StruxureWare Building Operation. The AS results with high CPU percentage with just one point from BACnet interface loaded; however, it had no effect on AS performance.
  2. Check the propagation of values. An example would be a Space Temperature which is required by the field bus, the BACnet interface, LON interface, etc. Make sure to properly disseminate this value so to avoid overloading the CPU.