Replacing a CSC2701 compensator with a CSC5252.


Replacing a CSC2701 compensator with a CSC5252.

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The CSC2701 compensator has been superseded by the CSC5252.


The conversion is normally fairly straight forward, but can be more complicated if an SVT is used to provide a boost signal.


Please note that the link between terminals 34 and 35 is only fitted where a 24 volt actuator is used.

In the chart above the old and the new terminal numbers are shown. If the old controller was connected to an SVT, which provided a boost facility, terminals 1, 4 and 5 were used to achieve this. With the new CSC, this facility is achieved using the "Setup" function. This is achieved by linking SVT terminals 4/5 to 7/8 on the CSC, having first removed the link.

To review the CSC2701 data sheet, please click HERE.

To review the CSC5252/5352 data sheet, please click HERE.

Please be aware: since July 2016 the CSC compensator and other descrete controllers were withdrawn from service.
To see "PA-00479 - Discrete Controllers - Notice of Withdrawal - Satchwell" click here.