Issues with programmable Xenta controllers (Xenta 280/300/401) in a Lonworks network under a Xenta 913 or a Xenta 701.


  • Alarms stops coming into Vista from Xenta 280/300/401 in the Lonworks network under a Xenta 913 or a Xenta 701.
  • Xenta 280/300/401 controller goes offline/online in Vista.
  • Unable to disable an alarm from a Xenta 280/300/401 that are under a Xenta 913 running as Xenta Server in Vista.

Product Line

TAC Vista


  • TAC Vista
  • TAC Xenta 913
  • TAC Xenta 701
  • TAC Xenta 401
  • TAC Xenta 301
  • TAC Xenta 302
  • TAC Xenta 281
  • TAC Xenta 282
  • TAC Xenta 283


There is no support for adding Xenta 280/300/401 to the Lonworks network under a Xenta 913/Xenta 701 running as Xenta Servers in Vista (even though if it's possible to do it in the software).


Use a different Xenta Server that supports adding programmable Xenta controllers in the Lonworks network.

Please see the table in chapter 1.1 of the TAC Xenta Server - Networks Technical Manual or Lessons Learned Article #4428.