Changing the path of a Pinpoint active animation control image file.


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Is there a way to globally change the path of active animation controls so that each control does not have to be edited manually?

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Andover Continuum




Customer looking for a way to make the change globally in one operation, system design does not provide a way to do it.


As of version 1.94 Continuum does not provide a mechanism to globally change the path of image files in active animation controls in Pinpoint.

This can be a problem when a large number of active animation controls have been created using a given path and the image files then need to be moved.

If the image files must be moved, every effort should be made to retain the path that was used in the controls, otherwise the path to the files will have to be manually changed in each active control that references the path in the graphic panel.

With the above said there is a way to go in the Graphic’s PIN file and change the path, it requires a hex editor such as HxD.

Using a hex editor the path for a control like this…


Can be found and changed in the PIN file itself, like this...


*** Warning ***

Please note that the length of the new path string must be the same length (ie. take up the same number of characters) as the original path string, otherwise the file may become corrupted. You would not be able to replace “C:\Program Files\Continuum\NewGraphicsFiles” with “E:\Graphics”, but would be able to replace “C:\Program Files\Continuum\NewGraphicsFiles” with “E:\Program Files\Continuum\NewGraphicsFiles”.