In a Niagara G3 ENC-520, a station will not load reporting the following error: javax.baja.xml.XException: InValid LonFloat: '2.788969984E9'.


In an existing Niagara G3 ENC-520, version 3.3.22, a station will not load after a reboot.  Prior to the reboot, it was functional. 

The error in the Application Director Output is:   "javax.baja.xml.XException: InValid LonFloat: '2.788969984E9'.

The only way to get the station started is to modify it offline and remove the logic for a LON integration to an ONICON flow meter.  Then, the modified station gets installed and, once the station is started, the same logic that was removed is added back.

Product Line

TAC I/A Series


Niagara G3 version


A bug in the lonworks.jar file for version


Installed the lonworks.jar file from version 3.3.34 which is available below (password=niagara).