Getting unable to connect to the database error after PC is rebooted and Continuum started.


 In this specific instance the site was upgraded to Continuum v1.94 and the Cyberstation OS upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit, fresh install. Local Administrator account was logged on to perform Database Initialization which succeeded and Continuum was able to start-up and connect to the SQL Server.

Restarting and logging in with another windows user with administrative privileges results in being unable to connect to the database.

Logging out and then in as Administrator and re-initializing the Workstation into the Database re-establishes the connection and Continuum is able to be run again.

This fails again when another user is logged on.

Product Line

Andover Continuum




Windows administrative privileges are required to initialize and make a connection to the database.


Run Database Initialization as an Administrator and re-initialize the Workstation into the Database.

  1. Shut down all Cyberstations.
  2. Right-click Database Initialization and select "Run as... Administrator".  In Win7 you may need to "Shift-right-click" and select 'Run as a different user...'
  3. Select Workstation, confirm details, input password and select OK.