Error: NS #44 IcaErrNsBadParms


Invalid parameter values.

Product Line

TAC Vista


  • NL220
  • LonMaker
  • Vista
  • LNS


The NS #44 error is a generic, catch all error. Most likely a parameter was changed in the device template and issued a Build (or a Build and Load) instead of a Build All (or Build All and Load). It can also indicate that NodeBuilder has received a bad parameter. This error often occurs when a device template has been changed. Whenever the device template is modified, the project must be rebuilt.


If a change is made to the domain table entry in the reset clause, this error will occur. It's not really an error in this case. NodeBuilder will issue a reset command before putting it online. If the subnet / node address changes after the reset, NodeBuilder will no longer be able to talk to the node since the subnet / node address of the node will have changed. It will be using the wrong subnet / node address.


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